Friday, July 12, 2013

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Hot! Hot! Hot and even hotter! Spain is in the grips of a heat wave. We have gone from a mediocre spring, warm but with lots of very high winds, to a scorching summer overnight. El Port de la Selva has been busy but last weekend it was a madhouse. All the boaters, who had been unable to use their boats until now, were out sailing last weekend. I have never seen so many boats leave the marina. It was a nautical traffic jam.

The bay below us was like a parking lot filled with Spanish and French yachts. On the main beaches people were packed in like sardines. Even in August last year it wasn't this crowded. It was good to see all the restaurants doing a roaring trade. But Monday always comes and the Port is now pleasantly busy with holiday makers from all over Europe. There seem to be a few more Brits this year and there are even some Americans.

The house warmed up on Saturday, when it was 37 degrees celsius and sadly it hasn't cooled down. Since the bedrooms are downstairs and the evenings cool down to about 20 degrees, sleeping isn't a problem. Well it's a little problem since our windows, open to let in the breeze, also let in the noise of various early rising neighbours. Since we go to bed very late we don't like to listen to those morning conversations that we don't understand anyway.

Cooking is not an option. The kitchen hasn't been cooler than 29 degrees for days. A new canopy over the window helps a little. With inexpensive menus of the day, serving lovely fish right off the boats at the Nautica, great pizza at Sol de Nit in nearby Selva del Mar, lovely rotisserie chicken and lots of homemade gazpacho and lovely, fresh salads with local ingredients we are surviving, even thriving.

The crowded beaches don't bother us one little bit since we have found a number of small beaches and little coves with very few people. Perfection, especially since I bought a pair of beach shoes for walking on rocks or shingly beaches. I am unstoppable now. In fact it's off to the beach right now for a lovely, cooling swim.

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