Monday, June 10, 2013

Skydivers and fig loaf in Empuriabrava

Our travels took us to Empuriabrava this afternoon. Since our favourite place for coffee, Blue Sky, was closed we ended up in what appeared to be a Moroccan or Tunisian harem with plush pink velvet cushions and couches. We opted to sit outside.

Nearby we had noticed a sign for a swimming pool. Since we are always in search of the perfect pool we decided to try to find it. First of all we discovered Windoor, where you can go flying in a wind tunnel, something that we're very interested in doing. Close by is the aerodrome, where small private planes fly into Empuriabrava but even more interesting it is where the skydivers fly from.

By now the rainy day had changed to bright blue sunshine. We watched a couple of tiny private planes take off. They looked like you could flip them over with one hand. The lady making announcements said there was only 5 minutes before the plane carrying the skydivers was about to take off. We sat on the bleachers and watched some Norwegian men dressed in white jump suits move towards the take-off point. Then more people joined them dressed in their jumpsuits, harnesses and helmets, some with elaborate cameras mounted on them.

The twin-prop plane arrived and the skydivers boarded. Quickly the plane took off following a box-shaped route, climbing higher and higher with each leg. Suddenly a clutch of skydivers that we could hardly see left the plane and were floating towards the airfield. One skydiver kept turning over upside down. Then the divers were above us and whooshed down to the field seemingly putting on the brakes landing right in front of us.

We could just barely see the speck in the sky that was the plane. We hadn't noticed the skydivers until the chutes were open and they were on their way down. And down they shot. The Norwegians came down at a tremendous speed and effortlessly landed in front of us. They were followed by most of the others. Two or three skydivers were enjoying floating higher up in no hurry to come down. Finally they were much lower down and we could see the skydiver with a passenger, who had gone for a ride. These passengers had no special clothes on or even helmets but what a ride. I'm sure they were thrilled. I think that would be the only way that I would skydive. As we left the Norwegians were running to catch the plane to go back up again.

We didn't find the nonexistent swimming pool but as a bonus we visited the new French bakery for some wonderful fig bread. So delicious. What a lovely afternoon.

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