Thursday, June 6, 2013

Floral decorations and ancient church in La Selva de Mar

Once again it was the Sonarkids celebration in El Port de la Selva. This celebration is geared towards kids with huge bouncy castles and bands playing all day. Unfortunately, this year the winds were so high that instead of setting up on the promenade the castles and stage were right in the village causing the road to be blocked. This meant that to arrive at our morning coffee spot, the Nautica, we had to drive high up over the town. The view was quite spectacular and we travelled on some interesting streets that were new to us.

Around noon we decided to escape the sounds of the very loud bands and visit the next village, Selva de Mar, a lovely old village, where the fishermen used to live. Today everyone was encouraged to decorate their houses with flowers. I think the wind deterred some people. Nevertheless, there were some really creative displays on doorways and in pots outside the houses in the lanes. One lady had converted her entire garage into a beautiful flower display with some exotic species.

The lanes are very narrow making driving in the town almost impossible. We walked along the river, now down to a trickle. There are several little arched bridges over the river. What a lovely, quiet spot. At one end of tie river walk was a display of bright gerbers on the bank and some in huge glass jars right in the stream.

At the end of the houses we found a rough hill road that climbed past lots of olive groves and field with hollyhocks, poppies and lovely purple lavender. We decided to keep going and were rewarded when we spotted an old stone ruin. At first we weren't sure if it was a castle but it turned out to be an ancient church overlooking the town. Right in front of the ruin was the village's cemetery with lots of fresh flowers on the graves.

It was time to head back down to the village this time taking the short cut down a path cut out of the slate. It was rough going. Finally, back in the village we decided to have a well deserved beer at Bar Felip. It's a lovely spot sitting outside in the square under the plane trees, visiting with friends. It seems that all the village congregates here on a Sunday or at least they pass by. We will have to visit here more often.

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