Monday, June 10, 2013

Art by the water and a lip syncing extravaganza

Sunday was a busy day in El Port de la Selva. It was the first day of the Tramuntanart Display. Saturday was supposed to be the first day but unfortunately it rained. All along the promenade from one end of the village to the other were local works of art inspired by the Tramuntana, the wind that blows down from the Pyrenees.

There were more works on display this year than there had been last year. From lovely photography including one where the port and mountains were yellow from the sun to a sculpture of a lovely copper sailing ship. One of my favourites was the jellyfish made out of differently coloured pieces of glass. Their tentacles felt sticky but they had the same colours as the main body. I don't really know if these were made out of glass or not. There were some lovely wooden sculptures and some whimsical installations made out of plastic bottles. A weather vane in the shape of an arm pointed out the wind direction. There were carvings of people in what looked liked soapstone but was probably a local stone.

The art display drew  lots of people, all enjoying the sunshine as well as the art. At one end of the promenade by the marina there is a little bar, where jazz musicians were performing. It was a lovely Sunday walk from one end of town to the other.

For us the day wasn't over. In the evening we attended Playback 10 in the ballroom. Now to those of you who have never attended a Playback performance it may sound a little odd but it was a great night out. Playback is quite common in Spain where groups or individuals perform to current music in any language while they mime the words from the original recordings. It is a wonderful way to draw the village together. The costumes are quite elaborate as is the choreography. Last night we saw Abba, Adele and Bon Jovi to name a few. Liza Minelli did a wonderful, sexy number from Cabaret. One older man from the village dressed in a rather baggy suit sang an opera number, where everyone applauded and shouted bravo as he 'hit' the high notes. The mayor took part in a sultry duet, and twenty ladies in elaborate ruffled red outfits gave a wonderful rendition of the cancan. LMFAO appeared and performed a very athletic, "I'm sexy and I know it." It was a sight to behold with the four hairy men in their shorts but it got better -- or worse -- when they removed their shorts to continue dancing or I should say bumping and grinding in their canary yellow underwear with a happy face in the strategic spot. My face was sore from laughing.

Anyone of any age, shape or size can perform in Playback. Rehearsals have been going on for months to prepare for the show. It is so popular that the show is performed to a sold-out ballroom for three nights. What fun to see the person that served you bread this afternoon performing as a vamp this evening.

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