Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wet weather and window shopping in San Remo

Saturday morning and it was raining and cold making everything quite bleak. After warming up with our morning coffee at Pellegrin's we decided to head 13 kilometres down the mountain to San Remo for some shopping. It was still cold down at sea level but we made our way to the pedestrian shopping street where we window shopped. Always the shops in Italy are fascinating to look at because of their stylish fashion. We had just about had enough when Seamus spotted Jaked, the Italian swimsuit supplier to the Italian and some other Olympic swim teams. Now it was time to shop and I left the store with a new lime green bathing suit and some new goggles.

All of our walking in the rain had made us hungry so we stopped for lunch. Our first appetizer was a little salad with a tiny piece of smoked swordfish. Our entrees consisted of frito misto -- lightly battered seafood --, veal scaloppine, grilled swordfish and pasta with clams. All were lovely. By this time we had eaten our fill but of course the limoncello came to the table along with our espresso and a plate of different kinds of chocolates that just came with the coffee. The chocolate was my Achilles heel and I ate my fill. So good.

The rain continued but we decided that it was time to return to Ceriana. Shortly after we arrived, our friends discovered that the plug to their heater had blown. Now a heater is a necessity in this weather so we drove back to the big hypermarket LeClerc, something like a Walmart, where we picked up the pieces so that Seamus could repair their heater. It was something like visiting a Costco on a rainy Saturday. We couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Our day ended with us sitting by our friend's fireplace getting heated on one side by the fire and the other side by the now fixed heater. It's not what you expect of Italian weather but we know that it's the same all around the Med.

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