Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Terra de Vi great opportunity to sample local wines

Sunday was Terra de Vi in the Port, the day of the wine tasting in the square outside the Bodega. The sun was shining and what better setting to taste wine than right across from the beach. More tents were set up than usual for the owners and representatives of the local vineyards. What a turnout! We rented our glasses for 3€ each and bought our tickets for wine and food.

Our strategy was to walk around first and check out which vineyards were there. If we already knew the wine, we didn't need to taste it. However, we did manage to give Nuria from Mas Estela a big wave. Our goal was to sample as many wines as we could and still be standing up at the end of the day. Several wines Seamus had read about were represented and most of these reds were excellent. Our next door neighbour told us to try one from a vineyard further up the coast but I didn't find it very smooth. Part of the fun is that you start sharing what you like with other people, who go to sample your recommendations and vice versa.

After a plate of food prepared by the butcher, mainly cheeses, hams and sausage I tried the palest pink rosat from a local vineyard. It is quite unusual in Spain to find pale, pale rosat. This type of rose is usually found in France. It was excellent and a great find for warm weather.

We also tried several local olive oils with little pieces of bread. All of them were very good. They were even better because you really need to keep eating at these events. Our next door neighbour had cleverly brought a bag of potato chips that she generously shared.

Finally, with all our tickets exhausted, we returned our glasses and walked back to the Nautica for a lovely strong and much needed espresso.

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