Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cadaques always enchanting

We had no plans at all for today but we decided to travel over the mountain to Cadaques for our morning coffee. All the poppies lining the road along with wild French lavender and lots of yellow flowers combined with the yellow broom all over the hillside made for a very pleasant drive.

Once we parked we immediately noticed a market in the overflow channel that sometimes is a running river in the winter. It was quite big with clothing, lovely plants, meats, cheeses and fruits and vegetables. We bought some capers in bulk as we seem to go through a lot of them, as well as some fresh strawberries from the vendor we buy from at our market. I think he was a little surprised to see is in Cadaques.

By now we really needed our morning coffee, which we had sitting outside facing the beach, a great setting for a lovely cup of illy. Cadaques was really busy with people strolling around, a man sitting on the beach painting and some brave people wading in the water.

We returned home for lunch, just a grate up of beets, carrots and apples, sprinkled with a bit of lemon and olive oil accompanied by a glass of Basque apple cider. Perfect on a hot day. The rest of the afternoon was spent finishing my Peter May book, the Chessmen, a Hebridean mystery. By five-thirty we were just hot enough to go to the beach for a swim. Once there I walked in slowly gradually going deeper but the cold was definitely biting. Seamus had joined me by this time. There was only one other person in the water swimming, a German. That did it, I took a dive and popped right back up again. Freezing. But I did it a few more times and swam about 300 metres even though the cold made my head hurt. Seamus did the same. It was lovely even if the locals think we are mad.

After enjoying the food so much in Turkey, it was time to try a recipe from our new Turkish cookbook, eggplant piled with onion, tomatoes, basil, parsley and dill with a bit of olive oil, water and a drop of sugar cooked on top of the stove for over an hour conjuring up a delicious smell. After it had cooked for an hour I decided to throw in some peeled potatoes. What a fabulous meal, simple and tasty, finishing with our market strawberries for dessert. What a lovely unplanned day.

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