Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Addio Ceriana, until next time

For me the morning started at six-thirty as I counted the tolling of bells from the church that sits right above us. I counted fifty 'clangs', the last five tapering off to a very quiet ringing that helped me get back to sleep. Historically the bells rang to get people up to go to work on the land. Some will still do that while others go to work in San Remo and Imperia as well as other nearby towns. At one time it was decided to stop the bells, which can be annoying, but the townspeople wanted them back. Unlike most places the bells ring on the hour and half hour all night.

Eventually, we made our way up through the piazza outside the church where a few people and some cats were sunning themselves. Yes, finally the sun had returned to Ceriana. After buying some tomatoes and bread for our trip today, it was time for our last coffee with our friends at Pellegrin's. It was lovely to sit outside and see how the town is changing with little children and people from various places in Europe and America in evidence. There are still lots of people from Ceriana  living here. Many have spent their entire lives here, eighty- or ninety-year-olds are quite common.

After hugs and kisses with the owners of the coffee bar, it was back down to our lodgings to grab our suitcases and then to drag them up the hill and through the old tunnel to the car park on the far side of town. Old timers all remember when this tunnel was blown up by the retreating Germans in World War Two. It was time to say a reluctant good-bye to our friends, who we hope to see again in a few months. It is always lovely to visit Ceriana and to see the changes in the old medieval town.

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