Monday, April 8, 2013

Dinner and jazz make for lovely night out

Last night it was Nit de Jazz at the Nautica. This was the first time that they have tried evening entertainment combined with a dinner. We were told to be there by 9:30 for dinner. And what a dinner it was. It started with a plate filled with four of each, smoked salmon with caviar, anchovy on tomato and Serrano ham all served on toasts accompanied by the Nautica's red wine. This was followed with a heaping bowl of steamed mussels and a plate of four shrimp and scallop brochettes. For the second course we had the turbot with a handful of chips and half a piece of grilled red pepper followed by a selection of desserts including flan that we would call creme brûlée and an assortment of pastries. Fortunately, I had run out of steam before the dessert. All this was followed by flowing glasses of cava, Spain's answer to French champagne.

By this time the band, Pearl Quartet de Jazzando, had started. There were four men playing drums, double bass, guitar and saxophone, but what a sound. The saxophonist was incredible. Some of the old favourites were sung by the drummer, who seemed to be reading the English words but sang them perfectly. We wondered if he spoke English because if he didn't he did an excellent job of singing in English. After the second set, at around one o'clock it was time to go home. An early night out in Spain. 

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