Sunday, March 17, 2013

Weather improves just in time for flight home

Our last day in Sardinia and of course the weather has taken an abrupt change for the better with the sun shining and the ocean calm at last. We didn't have a lot of time but we decided to walk along the promenade along with all the locals, who were out enjoying the sunshine and just gathering to chat.

We passed the Torre di San Giacomo also known as Torre di Cane, the Dog's Tower, reflecting its earlier use as an enclosure for the stray dogs of the town. There are a number of ramparts all along this walk as well as the giant catapults.

It was now time to head to the airport for our return flight. We knew where the gas station closest to the airport was located and left in plenty of time to gas up the car before returning it. Only in Italy would a gas station close on Saturday at one o'clock.

Our flight home was quite funny. Most of the passengers were groups of Italians on their way to Barcelona. They were having such a good time chatting that they missed the safety procedures. Even the Irish flight attendant had a bit of a smile about it. Taking off caused much laughter, hooting and clapping but nothing compared to the arrival. This wasn't a polite or relieved clap that we had landed, it was a swooshing with the plane, joyous clapping, laughing and lots of noise. It was quite an experience for the non-Italians.

I look forward to visiting Sardinia again, next time flying into Cagliari on the south coast, perhaps just a little later in the year for better weather; although Europe has been in the grip of unusually bad weather recently.

We were happy to be back at home only to discover that the furnace that we had turned off while we were away would not start up again. Twelve degrees is very cold in the house. Finally, we were warmed by a wood fire and a blanket and a couple of Six Nations rugby games and news that our contact at the agency is sending someone to fix it tomorrow.

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