Sunday, March 24, 2013

Village reawakens after winter hibernation

Although it is cloudy today, the weather is warm and the village is buzzing. You could hardly drive along the front there were so many people out walking. French, German, Dutch and even cars and caravans from Sweden were parked in town. All kinds of businesses that have been closed all winter are open and ready for business with fully stocked shelves. The ceramics store that carries local work has several new lines, especially a lovely blue and white. It was with some difficulty that we walked around the shop. In fact Seamus' quick dive saved a couple of vases that the owner brushed on her way by.

Best of all the chicken rotisserie store that can have over a hundred and fifty chickens 'rotissing' at the same time is open with that lovely smell wafting out to the street. The chicken is always delicious and is often a lifesaver, when you don't want to cook on a hot summer day. Even the exclusive jewelry store, flower shop and ladies and men’s clothing store are ready for business. Restaurants and bars that we had forgotten about have rolled up their shutters and are busy even on day one of business.

As we headed for our morning espressos, a zodiac was returning to port full of scuba divers. The Nautica was quite busy with the return of old regulars and staff that hadn't been working very much lately.

What a lovely feeling that the village is busy again and gearing up for the Easter weekend.

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