Friday, March 15, 2013

One of us will hear about this anniversary for a long time to come

This certainly has to be a strange wedding anniversary. One of the team was down with what we would call in North America, Montezuma's revenge. I'm not sure who's revenge it would be here in Sardinia. I braved the gale force winds and bought the appropriate drugs at the pharmacia.

It is very interesting in Sardinia how well people speak English. In fact it is word perfect English. Having asked a few people, they usually learn it in school. The people who don't think that they speak as well have learned on the Internet. Now having said this I have managed a few basic conversations in Italian. Usually, in Italy no one speaks English so this is quite different for us.

I had a long two and a half hour walk exploring the town and yes doing some window shopping. This was followed by some overcooked fairly horrible, vegetable soup in the hotel. After a brief respite it was off to the salt water pool, where five hundred yards in the hot water was enough. I tried all four of the jets in the pool before relaxing in the hamman but then it was back to the pool for a final float before having a rain shower.

This evening, while the patient was sleeping, I celebrated our anniversary by eating alone at Il Pavone. Since I am now a regular I quite enjoyed myself watching the food being delivered to the tables and just people watching Italian style. I love all those striking Italian looks and all the vibrant clothes. The owner and chef told me about today's fresh fish and how he would cook it. I opted for the beautiful, thinly sliced swordfish cooked in olive oil, a little wine and some capers. It was topped with slightly cooked tomatoes and accompanied by sliced boiled potatoes sprinkled with parsley as well as a little salad of lettuce, yellow and red peppers and beans served on the biggest parsley leaf imaginable. For dessert I had seadas, cheese in a very light pastry, deep fried and served with honey poured over it. This is a typical and ancient Sardinian dessert that used to be served as a main course. I then made my first mistake of the meal asking for a ristretto, small strong espresso. I know that I don't always roll my r's enough when speaking Italian. This must have been one of those times since I ended up with something that closely resembled Fernat Branca, a digestivo that demands an acquired taste. Fortunately, I like Fernat and quite enjoyed it.

That ended my very inexpensive meal. With regards being sent to the signor and hopes that he would be well tomorrow, I once again braved the elements and rain to return to the hotel. Fortunately, the wind was at my back so I was swept along the promenade to the bedside of mi marito, who is looking a bit better.

I have the rest of the evening to spend with a good book and perhaps the rest of the anniversary prosecco to finish.


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