Thursday, March 7, 2013

A lovely night out at Casa Anita

Tonight our guests took us out for dinner to Casa Anita in Cadaques. This restaurant has been in the family for forty years and is now run by the original owner's son, wife and his sister. The restaurant is quite small, two rooms with low arched ceilings. It was probably a wine cellar in previous times. It has loads of atmosphere with some pictures of previous visitors, including Dali of course.

We were  seated at a communal table that had lots of wine bottles for a centerpiece. There is no menu. The owner sits down with you and tells you what is on offer. We opted for some green salads with tuna and some white asparagus for starters. For the main course we chose two sea bass and a dorado or sea bream. These came accompanied with the best chips. Casa Anita only serves fresh, local foods. Their wine mainly comes from Perafita, the owner's brother's well renowned vineyard just a few minutes away.

All the tasty desserts are made in house. Our guests chose the traditional Creme Catalan while I opted for mascarpone  ice cream accompanied by figs. Seamus chose fresh cheese with honey. All were delicious.

To finish our meal we enjoyed some muscatel wine that the owner offered us. In fact, since the bottle was left on the table some of us had two glasses.

By the end of the meal we had made friends with our garrulous neighbour at the communal table, a slightly inebriated French chef. In fractured English and our broken French, we had a conversation about being a chef in France. I'm not exactly sure what conclusions we came to but it was an enjoyable conversation nevertheless.

Casa Anita, a fun place to visit for our guests' last evening here in the Alt Emporda.

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