Sunday, February 3, 2013

Stormy Sunday

What a day with wind gusts to 56 kilometres an hour and a beautiful blue sky. The waves were 3 metres high with rainbow coloured spume everywhere. As we passed the port a handful of gulls made themselves as small as possible and were hunkered down floating near the pier for protection. Parking at the Nautica for our morning coffee, I headed over to see the waves crashing on the rocks but got spun around and propelled right back where I came from. The spray from the waves was coming right over the buildings and fishing boats, soaking the parking lot and our car.

We decided to return home for the camera before we travelled around the village taking pictures of crashing waves at the lighthouse and then at the beach at the other side of town. I bravely sat in the car while it shuddered in the wind, as Seamus braved the elements to take pictures. Finally, we drove up above the town to take pictures of the windswept beach. It was really invigorating standing outside watching the biggest waves we've seen here.

Since most of the parking area in town was being attacked by the spray, we decided to forego our trip to the butcher shop and just have lunch at the Nautica. After a beautiful grilled sea bass and espresso, it was time to brave the elements again. The car was like a fish you cook in salt, completely covered in a thick crust. It was back home to watch the France-Italy rugby game but not before hosing down the car. A beautiful day.

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