Sunday, February 17, 2013

Carnaval time in the village

This weekend was Carnaval in the village. Historically it is the time to really enjoy yourself before Lent and to welcome the spring. Friday morning saw the youngest students from the primary school, all dressed in their costumes,  parade along the sea front  accompanied by music from a lone float. Lots of admiring parents and grandparents lined the route.

Last night the music started blaring from the village's loudspeakers at eight o'clock, just in case anyone didn't know what night it was.The parade started out at the primary school with a few floats with devils, smurfs and Inuit. For some reason people love to dress as North American natives complete with reddened faces. We even see South American pan flute bands dressed as North American Inuit. I suppose political correctness doesn't enter in to it when you are dressing up.

The parade moved at a snail's pace through the town with the road along the front blocked off by the police. Anyone can join in the parade that ends up at the huge double gym on the fringes of town. We donned our costumes. Me with my Marie Antoinette wig and Seamus with top hat and moustache looking like a dandy or perhaps a silent movie villain.

When we arrived at the gym at about twelve-thirty a.m., a couple of the floats were still blasting out their music but this year there were less young people dancing and hanging around outside at the floats. We soon found out why. The band was totally disco. Last year there was a nice mix of rock and roll, disco and Spanish favourites. This year it was Catalan disco with lots of hopping about, literally. All the young people were inside. In all fairness older people were moving around to the music but not as many as last year. Even gangnam style wasn't that great. It's a shame because we have some excellent bands in the area.

The bar at the back was very busy selling beer and cava. There is no food to buy just drinks. After a beer and fake enthusiasm on my part we decided to call it a night. Of course it was three o'clock by then but we weren't staying until dawn.

Carnaval continued today with yet another shorter parade of school aged children. This is followed by a dance in the ballroom in town. Since it is about to rain we are opting for a cup of tea and watching the parade through binoculars. Carnaval has a really nice touch with the whole village joining in. All ages are welcome and everything is free. 

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