Monday, February 11, 2013

Carnaval time in Roses

It was a day of men in tights and I am suffering from an overdose of hairy legs in fishnet stockings. No I'm not. Today was the big Carnaval parade in Roses with seventy floats and hundreds of people in the parade. Some of the floats, like the police float complete with jail, actually represent something, while others are thinly disguised, but inside someone is cooking shish kebabs and swilling beer for their marchers.

There were gorillas, bees, lions, pantomime dames, Arabs, people from medieval times, American football players and cheerleaders, Snow White and the seven dwarves, Star Wars, Star Trek, soldiers, pixies, fairies, cowboys, lots of pirates, Egyptians, ancient Greeks, flower people, and everyone dressed in beautiful, brightly coloured costumes.... and lots of men in skirts. There were some transvestites in high, high, heels, who were enjoying being dressed up way too much.

It was enjoyable to watch the three-hour-long parade along the seafront in Roses. We went to a section of the parade route where seats had been provided and made ourselves comfortable. Each float passed by with loud, mainly disco music playing. Quite often someone at the back of the float would lead the choreography of the marchers. Other marchers had their own loose dance routines that became very, very loose by the end of the parade, probably in proportion to the amount of beer or drinks consumed. The most popular music was Gangnam Style with people cleverly dancing and moving along the parade route at the same time.

It was a lot of fun with everyone out for a good time and enjoying themselves immensely. Now at home feeling somewhat inspired, our thoughts have turned to what we will wear to our Carnaval party next weekend. 

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