Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Too windy for walking

Monday. Our plan was to drive up the coast to Collioure in France but the gale force winds quickly made us change our minds. There were white caps and big rollers as far as the eye could see. In fact the spume coming off the waves made everything look a little misty.

We decided to visit Empuriabrava for some shopping not available in other places. The drive was quite beautiful with half a very vivid rainbow hovering right over Llanca. The bright yellow mimosas and cherry blossoms are in full bloom. Unfortunately, our favourite restaurants were closed so we settled for mussels and pizza at a restaurant overlooking the beach. It wasn't the birthday lunch we had planned but it is January and lots of places are closed on Mondays right now.

It was too windy for a walk along the beach but we decided to check up on the birds in the Aiguamolls. The parking lot had only a handful of cars. No one was braving this wind. We propelled ourselves towards the first blind. Lots of the ducks were taking shelter close to shore, while one island was totally covered with white storks. We could see some flamingoes in the distance in one of the far ponds so it was off to the second blind. There were close to forty flamingoes taking shelter in the pond. I'm not sure if taking shelter is the correct phrase as there were waves on the pond, a sight that we had never seen before. A herd of deer were standing braving the wind.

It really wasn't very pleasant walking into the wind but we did notice two storks had found refuge in the usually empty nests. I think that this is a true indication that spring is nearly here.

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