Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chat with kayaker highlights visit to Cadaques

Yesterday was the last day that we had to escape the house because of the painting going on. We decided to make the short trip to Cadaques to look at some art galleries. Cadaques was the haunt of Dali and the picturesque village is a magnet for artists. It is very quiet at this time of year and as a bonus parking is free.

We had a coffee and walked along one lane looking at one gallery, where all the pictures of Cadaques were an intense blue. On the waterfront we did find a map showing all the galleries but we walked along the front and up more lanes without finding one open. It is an excuse for another trip on a weekend.

We decided to have our ham and cheese baguette overlooking the bay at Port Ligat, where Dali lived. The light here is always very special. Today there were very few people. We were just  about finished our lunch when a fellow dressed in a wetsuit walked by hauling his kayak on wheels. After exchanging holas we discovered that he was English and he jokingly said that he had been on holidays for fifteen years. On this trip he had come from Cornwall via the Chunnel to the Cap de Creus area. Home was a camper van. When the sea was quiet he kayaked and when it was windy he windsurfed. He was about to leave on a four day kayaking and camping trip up the coast towards France. Peter makes enough money fixing engines and doing other odd jobs. It sounds like someone we know. He escaped the rat race many years ago and is enjoying life to the fullest. We watched him set off and decided to finish our excursion by visiting the Cap de Creus.

It was a lovely trip through the wild rock formations to the Cap. Even our usual coffee shop was closed so we clambered over rocky outcrops to the restaurant, where we enjoyed a lovely cup of tea outside, overlooking the water. There  were several French people and a couple from the Netherlands having drinks or coffee and cake. In the distance we spotted Peter making excellent progress in the kayak. Finally we lost sight of him as he rounded the lighthouse. Back in the car we thought we might spot him again but with the rock formations and so many big rocks it wasn't to be.

Back in the port I kept looking to see if our kayaking friend had arrived but we didn't spot him. Today's twenty-three degree sunny weather with little wind is perfect for a kayaking trip. We're still watching the bay for a lone kayaker.

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