Monday, December 10, 2012

Vin Novell on a sunny Sunday afternoon

The local novell wines arrived in the village today, with four vineyards setting up tasting stands. This is the Spanish version of nouveau beaujolais, and the tasting is one of many wine related events organized by the village bodega. First stop was to rent a proper wine glass for 5€ then buy four tickets for 5€ for the tasting. For our first glass we tried a light wine from Espolla, which went down very easily. Then we tried wine from Capmany, one of our favourite wine places. The full body was more to our taste. Now it was time to trade in a ticket for a little tray of pan tomat, which is tomato rubbed into bread, and three different types of local cheese. Once fortified with the food we tried one of the wines from Gariguella but it was acidic and to us had an odd taste. It was dumped in the sand across the street. We decided to go back and have more of the Capmany wine. Lovely.

All of this takes place in a square right down by the water. The sun was out and the wind had died down. It is always fun meeting up with people at the wine tasting events, especially towards the end when some become quite merry. The secret, of course, is to tell the person pouring when to stop so that you don't spend the rest of the day recovering. These new wines are 14% alcohol. We recouped the money for our rented glasses and bought a bottle of each of our favourites.

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