Monday, December 24, 2012

Peralada Christmas fair

Motivated by a clear blue sky, no wind, and a balmy nineteen degrees, it was time to visit the garden centre. While we were admiring the plants we noticed really lovely wood carvings for the garden. Many were kon-tiki variations but the one that caught our eye was a beautiful hedgehog. The lady in the store explained that the man who did the carvings was showing more work at the fira, or fair, in Peralada, a nearby town.

It was just a short drive to the magnificent, old town known for its castle and monastery. We followed the trail of stalls, once again selling meats, cheeses, flowers, soaps, nougat and jewelry. Eventually, we came to a square lined with a number of stalls and an outdoor cafe. A stage had been set up and a man was entertaining the crowd playing  his guitar and singing. After listening for awhile we continued through the narrow lanes, hoping to find some water buffalo cheese, one of our favourites. We found the carvings at the very last stall. After admiring these carvings, especially one tall modernistic kon-tiki in what looked like burled oak, we retraced our steps to the beginning of the fair.

It was well past lunchtime when we looked up at a van selling xurros in paper cones. To those of you who don't know, xurros are elongated homemade donuts. It took less than five seconds to decide that this would be an excellent food choice. The batter spewed out of a machine and then the donuts were placed in a fryer. They were served to us piping hot in a paper cone with sugar sprinkled over them.  Really it is the same concept as the old sixpenny bag of chips.  I was a bit appalled that someone had ordered us a bag each. We found a park bench in the sunshine and started our feast. Delicious and addictive even if they did leave a little bit of grease in your mouth. I couldn't finish all of mine there but I did manage to down the last few at home while preparing lunch. We were doing so well on our holiday eating up until this point.....except for the nougat yesterday!

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