Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas mailing and fenugreek good excuse to go to Perpignan

After several days of waiting for various people to: refill our oil tank; deliver firewood; repair our ASDL, fix the furnace; and weld a new hinge onto the door to the oil tank, as well as thwarting an attack by tiny sugar ants on our Walker's mincemeat tarts, it was time for a trip to Perpignan. We really wanted to mail some things from a French post office since we know some things mailed at the post office in the next village never arrived.

The drive to Perpignan was a little slow because of the huge number of trucks, especially those from the Czech Republic and Poland. I wonder if they were filled with oranges? (I know, many other things as well!) Of course by the time we arrived the Bureau de Poste was closed for lunch. We headed off to Arago, our favourite restaurant for the menu of the day, medallions of pork with caramelized onions, sliced carrots, horse radish and zucchini with some lovely frites. All delicious. A cafe corto - short espresso - completed a beautiful meal. We wandered around the narrow streets before heading back to the post office, along the way passing a Christmas market, where we didn't manage to resist the fig loaf.

The post office was open and we completed our mailing using postage machines, which are similar to bank machines only they weigh your package and finally spit out the postage you need. They save big long lineups at this time of year. Finally, we were back on the road. We were hoping to pass a hypermarket on the way out of town as we needed some fenugreek and other herbs that we can't find in Spain. The traffic was even worse on the way out of town so we didn't find our hypermart. Finally home, we enjoyed a nice cup of tea and our fig loaf.

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