Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wedding wardrobe good excuse for trip to Perpignan

Our closets were severely challenged for an upcoming wedding. Not to worry. It was a good excuse to make a trip to Perpignan. As we journeyed across country we noticed a number of people harvesting their black olives. The olive trees are kept quite short, which makes harvesting easy. Some people were dropping the olives into big black tubs, while others had tractors with big steel containers that they parked under each tree. The branches are shaken or prodded by sticks causing the olives to drop.

As we passed through the areas of fire damage it was good to see that lots of ground cover is re establishing itself. It is amazing how the fires stayed away from most buildings and towns.

We were really taken aback when we left the country road and arrived in the border town of La Jonquera. Right in front of us was a very bare bottom. It was a hooker dressed in a thong, black suspenders and stockings and skimpy top. She turned around so we saw the full picture. It was a little surprising. Most of the hookers don't line the roads anymore as there are huge fines for the hooker and the johns. Usually, they wear more clothes, especially in the cooler weather.

Once we arrived in Perpignan, we had a quick lunch of duck and frites. What a delicious combination. There are lots of lovely shops along the lanes in Perpignan. And the good news for us is that many close for only an hour at lunchtime and more and more of them are open all day. They even have on going sales. We stopped in a huge square lined with bars and restaurants and sat outside for a coffee. The server kept bringing out orders of a lovely red drink along with beers. Our curiosity got the better of us and we asked what it was. A combination of beer, lemonade and grenadine. I didn't catch the name of it but I am going to order one next time we are there.

We completed our wardrobe upgrade at Galleries Lafayette, a beautiful French department store. After one more quick stop at the pharmacie to buy French Green Clay, which looks like fine dirt but is excellent for stopping heartburn and removing toxins from the body, our visit to Perpignan was over.

We look forward to our next visit to Perpignan. It is a lively university town with a really nice atmosphere and lots going on. The town supports two rugby teams and rugby shops abound. We may even find time to look at more of the historical sites.

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