Monday, November 5, 2012

A favourite walk through amazing rock formations

This afternoon we took a drive to the old Club Med site in the Cap de Creus Park. Even though we've had some rain over the last week, it still looked quite parched up in the mountains, all the riverbeds still dry. Purple flowers on the wild rosemary were the only blooms we saw. We passed several olive groves, and people carrying huge orange tubs of olives that they had just harvested. Plumes of smoke came from other groves, where the harvest had been completed and small piles of pruned olive branches were burning creating a beautiful smell.

Once we arrived at the old Club Med we felt a few drops of rain but decided to continue with our walk. It was one of those days when the sun shone, but then clouds appeared and then blacker clouds appeared. This was one of the original Club Meds, and typically accommodated over six hundred people in summer. Over time it became less fashionable and went into decline. Now all the buildings have been demolished but the tarmacked roadway remains, which makes for very comfortable walking.

This is a walk like no other. I suppose that you could compare the area to a moonscape. There are huge slabs of sandstone and shale, which have been eroded with the fierce wind and storms. There are many caves and huge rocks rising high above in the shapes of wolves, mushrooms, dinosaurs, unicorns and men with long pointy noses.

I saw them all today. Some of the slabs of rocks are so eroded that they hang precariously and look as though they might fall at any time. The shale has a windswept look as if it had been tossed up by the sea in horizontal and vertical layers. No words can adequately describe the unique beauty of this spot.

Finally, we walked down to a small cove where we had a lovely big ham and cheese baguette with tomato rubbed into the bread. The walk had given me an appetite and surprisingly I ate the whole thing. I was tempted to jump in the water, which felt swimmable, but when the sun went behind the clouds it seemed less inviting. Next time.

We retraced our steps but at a slightly quicker pace as the sky was becoming quite dark and the air around us increasingly humid. But luckily we made it back to the car without any rain. A quick drive took us to the end of the Cap de Creus, where we sat outside and had an espresso. A perfect ending to one of my favourite walks.

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