Monday, October 22, 2012

Weather warning

Weather. We have had so much of it. On Thursday it became increasingly overcast with black clouds hanging very low on the mountains. We decided to walk to the Nautica for a coffee, prepared that we might get really soaked. After stopping for a quick chat with our neighbour on our return journey, quick because of our limited language skills, we made it home before getting wet. The sky became darker and the air heavier but oddly enough there was no rain.

We receive our weather information from Windfinder, a really great website that even tells how many millimetres of rain to expect every three hours. It was forecasting some torrential rain but despite everything being dark and heavy, we got just one shower on Friday morning.

On Saturday morning Seamus took our guests to the Llanca train station; they were off to Barcelona. It was incredibly humid and dark. We could hear the hunting dogs barking and howling in pursuit of wild boar. This time we even spotted an orange-clad hunter on one of the hills opposite us. Our Windfinder was predicting rain all day but it was holding off. Finally, in the afternoon, we decided to go for a walk along the  Ronda to the lighthouse. Again we were prepared to get wet. The Ronda runs parallel to the sea shore, where the huge rollers were pounding the rocks, sounding like thunder. Just before the rollers broke they showed that lovely turquoise blue colour that  huge waves make. Further along the campground was completely empty and the waves were making that crinkly sound they make on shingle beaches.

At last we were at the lighthouse. All our summer swimming spots were getting pounded and the beach areas were gone. The sky was becoming blacker and blacker and the humidity was so high that you could touch it. Still, we had gone halfway on our walk and were still dry. We continued on our return journey admiring all the prickly pear cacti. Every time I think about picking the lovely purply looking pears, I remember getting some thorns in my knee last year that took two weeks to work their way out. We passed a few other hardy people on our way back. This time I felt a few drops of rain. It's amazing how that can motivate you to speed up your walking! Good news. We made it home dry once again. What odd weather.

Late in the evening the rain arrived. What a relief! In the night it really started pounding down accompanied by huge flashes of lightning and booming thunder. We unplugged our modem, which has  previously blown up in a storm. At one point it sounded like there was a swimming pool on the terrace above that had suddenly drained.

In the morning the little bit of rain that was forecast didn't arrive. The low grey and white clouds even managed to part for the sun for a short time. Once again we could hear the hunting dogs howling in their enthusiasm as they flushed out the wild boar. This time we heard several gun shots at different times. I'm sure the hunting teams will be having a good meal tonight.

A look around the house showed that we still had a leak in the garage. Outside the guest bedroom door there is now a three foot drop into oblivion. The earth and gravel has totally come away from the foundation. It's a good thing we spotted this from the outside rather than using the door from the inside.

Now our trusty weather forecasting website is showing lovely weather for the rest of the week. No rain and warm weather. I hope it is right.

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