Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We join the local pool

We have now joined the piscina municipal (swimming pool) in Roses, a town that is half an hour away via a twisty mountain road. It is a beautiful pool with very few people using it during the day. The centre also includes a well equipped gym and lots of classes. After a workout there are a couple of hot tubs, a hamman and a sauna.

It is a little different when you join the pool. You have to go to the pool to get some forms, then visit a photographer for a photo, and then your bank, which will stamp the forms for your automatic debit. All of these are returned to the pool and only then do you become a member.

The locker rooms are vast and the lockers are free -- insert one euro to get your key but you get the euro back. Or for seven euros a month you can have your own locker.

A funny thing happened today in the locker room.  While changing I could hear the piped in music which seemed to be coming from a Spanish radio station that was playing a lot of English language tunes. Including one catchy song with the lyrics "She can f...k you but I can f...k you better," over and over and over again (Fuck you betta - Neon Hitch). I don't think it was really appropriate but if you don't speak English, I suppose the song sounds cheerful enough. We encountered this song once before in a restaurant, and I asked them to turn it off. Again no one knew or perhaps cared what was being sung. Not really music to accompany a meal.

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