Thursday, October 18, 2012

One last swim in the sea

I had to stay home while Seamus drove to Girona to pick up the last of this summer's visitors. Our car is too small to fit four people and luggage. As I was having lunch on the terrace, I noticed two people in swimming or perhaps dipping in the water. Well that was extremely motivating. I donned my swimsuit and headed off to the beach.

The water was a little cold getting in but still swimmable. Since it was calm I decided to do a workout and once I have decided what to do I usually stick to it. As I was swimming I was hoping that Seamus would arrive home and pick me up, since the breeze was picking up and the air was a bit cooler than the water. Watching the church clock I knew that forty-five minutes had passed and now it was getting a little harder to keep going but keep going I did. Finally, just as I had finished 2600 metres Seamus arrived and it was definitely time to get out of the water. This was probably the last swim of the season or was it? This morning after coffee a well insulated man went in the water and got right out. Unfortunately, we had things to do today and the heavy rains and high winds start tomorrow but just maybe I can swim in the Sea one more time this year.

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