Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lots of entertainment when the wind picks up

Yesterday saw the first of the predicted bad weather. Although it was still warm, the winds were very strong. In fact walking was quite difficult. We decided to take our visitors to Cadaques, where the wind was even more vicious than in the port. Once down on the sea front we noticed a number of people watching the activity around a cabin cruiser, the Perafita, that had slipped its moorings and was now beached. There were several men braving the wind and rough seas trying to pass ropes underneath the boat and then attach these to a crane. It took several tries to get this right before the crane could lift the boat, which then had to be dropped onto a trailer being pulled by a tractor. It took several attempts by the tractor driver to back the trailer into the perfect position. Finally, the boat was on the trailer but seemed to be stuck at the stern end. At last with a bit more manoeuvring the boat was free.

We battled the wind along the sea front at Cadaques and finally settled on a restaurant for lunch. I had the vitello tonato, very thinly sliced veal with a mayonnaise type sauce made with tuna. Lovely.

Our final stop was the Cap de Creus where the intensity of the wind had really picked up. Usually when you get to the bar at the very end of the Cap it is very tranquil but today we had to hang on to our coffee so it didn't go flying. After admiring the view and watching four fishing boats returning to our port it was time to get out of the wind and return home.

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