Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hot soup rewards final swim

The weather has done an abrupt change with winds of over eighty kilometres an hour threatening to increase to one hundred and twenty-five kilometres. At coffee this afternoon the spray from the breaking waves was flying right over the buildings. Looking down on the village a lot of spray is whooshing across the road to the restaurants.

It is hard to think that a little over thirty hours ago the weather became warmer with the sun shining between the clouds. It warmed up enough that we decided to venture in to the Sea for one last swim. It is fairly easy to get into the water but today the wind picked up and the water really was coolish. I stayed in for a good half an hour but I was sustained by the thought that I had made some seven onion soup with sage before we left. Seamus stayed in a for a shorter time. A really hot shower and some home made soup after a swim, perfect.

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