Thursday, October 25, 2012

An Autumn swim

After a week of mixed weather we woke up to a warm day with a totally clear blue sky. At the Nautica, our coffee spot I noticed a woman with wet hair. Had she been swimming? Once home we noticed a man wading in the water. That was enough motivation. We grabbed our swim suits and it was off to the beach. At this time of year no one goes swimming but today the water was quite nice and I stayed in for a good fifty minutes and  could have stayed in longer. It was quite lovely.

When we were about to return to the car, we met the lady with the wet hair from the Nautica. She was probably German and lived locally for now. I say this because she lives here and there and at the moment lives in a neighbouring town apparently rent free. She seems to stay in homes that people aren't using but she likes only large homes. I assume she stays with their permission. At the moment she is being pulled towards the mountains as well. I have no idea where she lives there. She feels unencumbered living without contracts; however she does have a car and a little dog, Mr. Biscuit. She was swimming but never wears clothes and swims at the deep shingly beaches on the far side of town. I'm sure this lady has more stories to tell. If we see her again stay tuned.

Later in the afternoon it was still hot and I decided to go for another swim. This time the water was toasty hot. Why do more people not go swimming at this time of year? After 1600 metres I reluctantly decided to come out of the water. Home and dry again, we decided that we were in need of a coffee after all this activity. We decided this time to walk to the Nautica. Out into the bay was the funny little marooned boat we spotted the other day. Someone had emptied it of all the water, rigged the tarp as a sail and was paddling it into our beach using the centre board for a paddle. He did finally make it as later we saw the boat pulled up on the beach and anchored with bricks. I wonder what will happen to it now?

We continued on our walk passing a couple of fishing vessels that don't normally dock here. One has a purple crane and a smaller purple boat on it,  the other vessel was emerald green. Both are equipped with huge lights for night fishing. More fishing boats have been fishing closer to shore lately. Many of the smaller traditional malorquinas are out fishing and bring in quite big catches. These boats don't even go out very much in the summer. We watched another of the smaller boats, Pere Joan, bring fish in twice today.  As well as our five large fishing vessels we have some smaller boats. As we returned from the Nautica we watched the Maca unload a huge catch. The fish is always sorted in blue plastic or wooden trays by the time the boats come in to shore with gambas, sea bass, sea bream, sole and other fish whose names I don't know. I would like to buy from the boats but I have only seen a transaction take place once. There were an inordinate number of white vans lined up at the fish market to take their catch to fish shops and restaurants.

Tomorrow we are hoping to experiment with swimming when it is overcast. It will probably be our last chance at swimming in the sea this year because once again we will be experiencing gale force winds by the weekend.

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