Thursday, September 6, 2012

September days

It has been a week of weather. Finally, we had a day of rain, which has been followed by days of exceptionally high winds, up to 7 on the Beaufort scale. Although it is still hot this makes walking and swimming difficult. Two more boats have lost their anchor and run aground on the beach. Yesterday we watched as an overturned motorboat was righted. It was quite a production. First of all a large zodiac tried to pull it off the beach. That didn't work. Then they attached ropes and tried to tow it but unfortunately the ropes snapped quite viciously. It's a good thing no one got hit by them. In the meantime various seats and other bits and pieces from the boat were floating in the surf. The zodiac's anchor came loose and it took at least ten tries to re anchor it. Finally, the owner manoeuvred it further off shore  and the anchor stayed.

By this time there was a bit of an audience. One person had a strap, which the owner of the boat attached to the ropes, while getting really knocked about in the surf with the water cascading over his head. The Jeep towed but again the ropes snapped. Finally, someone came with more straps and they managed to tow the boat right over the sand to rocky parking lot. I think the owner is going to have a bit of a bill for the damage to the boat, especially the beaten up motor.

With the waves deceptively high most places, we finally found a place to swim on the other side of the lighthouse from our snorkelling spot. It was quite sheltered. We donned our snorkelling gear and slide off the rocks and into the water, which turned out to be quite deep at that spot. But so lovely and cool. There were huge canyons between the rocks and the bottom was more sandy than our usual spot but lovely all the same with big schools of fish going by.

There is a move in Spain to make things quieter as at times things can be quite noisy. As Seamus was having a little siesta on his beach lounger some boys came along yelling and started looking under the lounger. I caught sight of something small, almost tarantula like, crawling along quite quickly under the chair. Seamus stood up because by now one boy was practically under the lounger. Finally, a tiny crab emerged. With huge amounts of very loud talking and yelling the day was saved and the crab was captured. 

The village parking lots are quite empty now. There are still some tourists here but life is starting to take on its regular rhythms except for one or two mosquitos in the bedroom at night time. Mosquitos aren't really a problem but there is one, who excels at making that horrible mosquito buzz right by your ear in order to make sure that you are awake. This is followed by several bomber like passes to really grab your attention. After much slapping and a dose of tea tree oil on your face, the culprit finally leaves or so I think. Once again I have a bite on my arm this morning. Tonight I will see if a slice of lemon with some cloves in it or some neem oil will deter the invader.

The winds are dying down and with lots more hot weather in sight we are looking forward to more beach days.

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