Monday, September 10, 2012

High winds bring out the kite boarders

At last a day worthy of a visit to the beach at Sant Pere Pescador. We were surprised that there were still quite a few people on the sandy stretch of beach but as usual there is lots of space to spread out. Apparently one hundred and thirty English caravaners came in a convoy to the nearby caravan park. There were still many nudes on the beach but now with mainly older people the aesthetics were quite different!

We settled in and ate our ham and cheese baguette. Our plan was to let this settle for a while before we had a swim in the relatively calm water. Suddenly, the breeze sprang up, strong enough to make us face our chairs away from it. In the blink of an eye the seven-kilometre stretch of beach, from L'Escala to Empuriabrava and beyond, was filled with every colour of kite. The kite boarders were out in full force. It was quite beautiful watching the kites dancing in the wind but not so enjoyable when the kites angled directly overhead, dripping on us as they did so. Finally, we had to abandon the beach because of the wind.

Back in the car we drove down sandy lanes exploring more lovely beaches towards L'Escala. Although the area is rural, every so often we would pass some quite large campsites. We drove on some main roads lined by vines loaded down with grapes ready to be harvested. Huge wooden boxes were stacked at the end of rows of apple trees, ready for picking. The dried out sunflowers looked almost sinister in their blackened state perched on leafless stalks. Hay has been harvested and the corn will be next.

By now the wind had died down a bit so it was back to the beach for a good long walk. Although it was still early by Spanish standards we decided to stop at the Marlin Beach bar for their amazing gambas and a pizza. It wasn't the day we planned but it was a nice ending before returning home to watch the penultimate day of the Vuelta, Spain's version of the Tour de France.

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