Monday, September 24, 2012

Concert de Tardor - Fall Concert

Once again parking in the village is at a premium. As well  as holiday makers people from the surrounding towns are visiting the Port on the weekend. The shops and restaurants are busy. Although I am still perfectly comfortable wearing my shorts, local people are wearing more clothes. We actually saw someone wearing a puffy jacket this morning at coffee. It has been a little joke with us because once the locals don these jackets, usually brown, they don't remove them even in the warmest days of winter and spring. We would still see the odd one at the end of April and early May.

The beach is empty. The locals don't feel a need to lie on the beach when it is twenty-five degrees. Each afternoon we have a lovely swim with the sea to ourselves. Once in the water it is quite pleasant as long as it isn't too windy. We cut our swim short today so that we would have time to attend 'Concert de Tardor' - Autumn concert in the ballroom. A habanera group and a choral group would be performing.

We arrived a few minutes late to find the ballroom packed. The people of the village are great supporters of cultural events. Somehow in my mind I was expecting contemporary Cuban music. Habanera does in fact refer to a musical form that came out of Cuba in the 19th century and has been popular in many parts of Spain and elsewhere ever since. The group consisted of about seven men, with musical backing provided by accordion, guitar, and something called a laud, which gave a mandolin-like sound. The singers of Coral Polifonica soon joined them on stage, adding their more sophisticated treatment to the traditional tunes. The singing was excellent, but after an hour we decided it was  time to return home and cook dinner.

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