Monday, September 10, 2012

'Biker' invasion

What has happened? Sunday and the sandlot parking area was totally full. We thought all the visitors had gone.  A look through the binoculars and we spotted groups of people around what to our eyes looked like dirt bikes. Actually they were 'trial' bikes, lightweight, seatless bikes which the riders seek to maneuver over series of natural or man made obstacles. El Port was hosting a competition.

After coffee at the Nautica we walked over to the rocky beach beach at that end of town, where all kinds of biker people were gathered, young and old. Many, dressed up in brightly coloured gear were walking along the giant rocks on the beach picking out their route through the rocks. We watched a few people ride or perhaps cajole their bikes through and over the rocks after assessing the terrain. The whole thing seems to be done in stages starting up in the mountain. Further along the huge beach rocks there was another stage going on. Some of the competitors looked as young as ten or eleven.

It wasn't really our thing and we did find the bikers noisily careening through the village standing up on their bikes a little annoying. We were happy to see the parking lot empty out by the end of the day.

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