Sunday, August 26, 2012

Surviving the heat

The heat wave continued again this week. Fortunately, we spent most days at our newly found rocky haven just by our lighthouse. From here we can see the archeological boat Thetis at work off shore excavating an old Roman boat. What a marvellous spot with virtually no people around. It is perfect for snorkelling and that's how we spent much of our time.

The water in this little cove is deep and cool. With our masks on we can clearly see the great slabs of Albera Mountain rocks below the surface. Parts of this rock is covered with sponge and underwater ferns punctuated every so often by huge, large black sea urchins. There are smaller sparkling shellfish twinkling among the padina pavonica algae, which look like little white orchids. Best of all are the schools of fish, some the size of a fingernail, right up to large fish, sea bream and sea bass, that would be lovely on the dinner table. My favourite thing to do is lie motionless while thousands of little fish surround you. It is quite magical.

We have a narrow channel we negotiate when getting out of the water dodging the baby sea urchins. Yesterday I spotted a small cave with a rather grim looking hairy,  black scorpion fish holding itself straight up and down and right behind it tucked away I could see an octopus in hiding. A couple of people have actually caught one.

Finally last night it felt cooler thanks to the Tramuntana winds. All the boats in the bay had gone off to safer moorings. This morning the winds were measuring force six on the Beaufort scale, and we discovered a large sailboat had been blown ashore and was now lying  stranded on the beach below us. Apparently, some kids had managed to beach the boat. Since it's quite a distance to deeper water, it will be interesting to see how the boat is refloated. That's for another day.

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