Monday, August 6, 2012

Flaming devils and late night partying

It's Saturday midnight and we can hear drums beating and see fireworks at the beach. It is the festival of the Carrefacs or devils. Once down in the port we head right towards the beach. Men were dressed as devils brandishing huge umbrellas of fireworks. Each time an umbrella was lit and started shooting out flames spectators young and old, would run and crouch under the sparking umbrella. There were also devils holding hoses of fireworks used to hose down the beach. The sparks would shoot out and become a little too near for comfort. I ended up standing by the children's playground hoping it wouldn't go up in flames. At one point there were fire eaters, devils 'hosing' the ground and ten umbrellas shooting sparks. It was most impressive. Finally, when the devils were done, a more familiar fireworks display lit up the sky from the end of the pier. Beautiful.

For us the night was just beginning. We headed back inland to the second night of the festival in Selva de Mar. The first band Mercado Negro played what sounded to us like a blend of flamenco, latin and rock. Then out came Dirty Jobs, a local rock band, singing in English and covering a selection of rock and roll hits that included everything from Jerry Lee Lewis to AC/DC. They had a great sound and just kept going and going. Now this night is different for us. Here we are in the town square of a little village having a beer at two in the morning. No one was drunk. People seemed to have one or two beers or some cava and that's it. There were no snacks for sale. When it came to the dancing that was very different too. There were young and old people enjoying the band. Most of the visitors were people from Barcelona who live here in the summer. Very few people actually danced with each other. Basically, you just stand up and dance. Your partner may be beside you doing something totally different or you may be with a group of friends. But everyone is up and moving. Lots of fun. Three o'clock and it's time for us to leave even though the band is still rocking.

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