Monday, August 6, 2012

Exploring the coast by boat

Sunday morning and we are going on our neighbour's boat from El Port de la Selva up to the Cap de Creus. For us this is really exciting because although we have done loads of walks along this rugged coast we haven't seen it from the sea. The cabin cruiser is one of the larger boats moored at the Nautica. Very quickly we were out rolling along in the open sea passing the weathered 450 million-year-old rocks, some of which resemble Dali's sculptures while others look like lunar landscapes. Finally, we motored into a small emerald green cove with stunning views around us. It didn't take us long to jump into the crystal clear water. It was quite beautiful to look down on the rock formations adorned with little sponges and loads of white orchid like flowers. There were fish galore, from tiny, tiny little black fish to larger sea bass and lots of sea urchins. Our neighbor even caught a crab. The afternoon was spent soaking up the sun on the bow of the boat and then cooling off in the beautiful flat water.

Finally, it was time to return home, which seemed to take no time in the choppy sea. After a quick shower it was over to the neighbours for the best paella I've ever tasted. What a perfect ending to the day.

But the day isn't over yet! Sunday night and it's down to the stage on the promenade to watch Playback, a replay of the song and dance night produced by the villagers back in June. But what a night! the wind had picked up and is coming right off the sea. Unfortunately, there are huge gusts of wind bringing with it lots of sand, which was whirling around the performers. They performed gallantly with the mayor singing his romantic ballad to a partner truly through gritted teeth. Flowing gowns became flying gowns and sombreros had to be abandoned. Everyone loved the performance and stayed to the end. But perhaps the best news of all is that we've been invited to perform in next year's Playback. That we'll have to think about.

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