Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Calm returns to the village

Monday and tranquility is returning to the village. Many homes and apartments are closed up, camping grounds and caravan parks are much less busy, and as a bonus there are loads of parking spots in the village. Last week we thought it was becoming less busy but we weren't quite sure. By next week it will be quiet once again.

Taking advantage of temperatures in the high twenties we decided to go to Empuriabrava to stock up on our supplies. The mountains now look quite brown except for the stone pines but down in the flat lands the vines are heavy with grapes that will be picked soon. Driving along one road with vineyards on either side we spotted a dead wild boar. Perhaps it had come down to gorge on the grapes, and then been hit while crossing the road, or perhaps shot. Rigor had set in and the boar was as stiff as a board with legs straight up in the air. There were a lot of flies so we didn't take any pictures. All I could think about is what lovely sauce for pasta you could make with the boar. Of course this was not to be but pleasant thoughts anyway.

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