Sunday, August 12, 2012

Beach foam followed by disco foam

Temperatures in Spain have been very high this week as a heat wave has hit the whole country. It is hard to believe that the Port has been busier than ever. Parking is at a premium; even the big sandy lot at the end of town is filled with double rows of cars. Dozens of visiting boats rest at anchor just beyond the buoys that mark the swimming area. The main beach is packed; even the nearby shingle beaches are full.  The restaurants and shops are all crowded, which is good for the local businesses.

Most days we have headed off to the seven-kilometre-long sandy beach, at St. Pere Pescador, where there is loads of room on the beach. There is a thin strip of people snaked along the beach and that's it. The sea can be quite rough but that doesn't deter us from swimming in the beautiful, warm water. The warm water has attracted some less welcome visitors: large white, blue-bordered, mushroom-shaped jellyfish. They are fairly easy to spot through goggles but I was a bit alarmed as I dodged my way through four of them in one swim.

Now if the tardis was to drop you on the beach you might think that you were in Germany, based on the voices you would hear around you; although there are lots of Spanish, French, Dutch and Belgians as well. There are no buildings along the beach except for a few very busy campsites and very occasionally, a beach restaurant. We usually end up next to the nude beach but now it seems there are more of the well groomed nudes, if you get my meaning, rather than those wearing bathing suits. We're not bothered by it. In fact it can be quite entertaining.

Our day usually ends with arriving home in time for the magnificent BBC Olympic coverage.  Last night at midnight we strolled down to the village past several people finishing their dinners out on their terraces. It was karaoke night on the promenade with a promised foam party. We were curious about the foam party since they are frequently advertised at the discos. Unfortunately, the karaoke wasn't the practiced karaoke you might hear in a bar, it was mainly off key kids. Finally, the foam machine was cranked up, the foam spewed forth and lots of little kids jumped in. It was fun watching as the foam grew higher and higher. It was time to leave as the disco started.

Our night wasn't finished. Once home we lay out on the garden furniture to watch the meteor showers, and we were rewarded as we saw a number of the meteors streaking across the sky. Beautiful... and we will be able to watch them again for the next two nights.

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