Monday, August 6, 2012

Almost tempted to enter open water swim race

Saturday morning we were off to an early start after only five hours sleep. There was an 750-metre open water swim in the bay at El Port de la Selva, which I was thinking about competing in. Unfortunately, I had misread the website and should have entered yesterday. The always gracious Spanish organizers were going to make an allowance whereby if there was a 'no show' I could swim under that person's name using their timing bracelet. After considering the situation I decided that I would rather compete as myself and when all is said and done I do prefer following lane lines rather than the open water.

It was fascinating watching the start with the orange capped triathletes leading the pack. Very quickly the pack strung out with the coast guard boat and inflatables cruising alongside. I'm not sure whether the best strategy is following the pack straight out or going in off to the side in more open water but then swimming a bit further. I now have a year to figure that out. At the back of the pack some people swam breaststroke. Rather than the usual five year age groups for Masters, the groupings were in ten year increments, not helpful for me. Now to rest up for tonight!

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