Sunday, August 19, 2012

A new swimming spot, and a boat race

Another week and we are in the grip of a heat wave. Since our beach was very busy, with many boats anchored in the bay beyond the swimming area, we once again headed to the beach at St. Pere Pescador. On Wednesday the temperature there was just under forty degrees celsius with a strong sirocco wind from Africa. The wind and heat made a combination that burned and stung the skin. Needless to say it was a day spent in the water body surfing the huge waves. It was fun to watch the inflatables from L'Escala being swept head over heels with the wind all the way to Roses, a distance of several kilometres.  Finally, leaving the beach after seven, it was off to the beach restaurant Marlin for some huge gambas and some quenching beer.

St. Pere is quite a distance away so on Saturday we decided to try the rock formations near our local lighthouse as an alternative. This little haven is only a few minutes from the port and luckily not many people go there, even to the shingly beach. We set up camp in a little cove right by the water, which is quite deep, so it's jump in and start swimming....oh yes there were a few sea urchins but the water is so clear you can easily see them. Tomorrow we will take our snorkels as there is lots to explore. The few people that are there have their own little spots on the shale. Lovely. It is pleasant to stay on the beach until seven or eight before returning home. A walk around the village in the evening is always fun with everyone out walking or in the open air restaurants and bars eating and drinking.

This morning's entertainment was the rowing races in traditional Catalan boats in front of the wharf. These boats, which are quite heavy and hard to move around the marker buoys had six rowers and a cox. There were only three boats but lots of entries from various places in Catalunya. The disc jockey from the Macintosh disco was the MC. I don't know what he was saying but he kept up a good patter and played some good music, which kept us all entertained as some of the boats took ages to manoeuvre into the start position.

There doesn't seem to be any relief from the heatwave in sight, which makes it perfect weather for sun drying plum tomatoes. Most places do not have air conditioning but the evening breeze helps cool things down a little. Having said that our kitchen is over thirty degrees right now.....not cooking weather. It will definitely be back to the lighthouse tomorrow.

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