Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wind, waves and fine food in Cadaques

Another very hot day. We decided to drive over the mountains to Cadaques for our morning coffee and to find out about next month's jazz festival. We were pleasantly surprised to actually find a spot in the parking lot on the edge of town. Cadaques is always a little busy even in the winter. Although there were lots of people it was quieter than we expected as we wandered through the main square by the water where a market was set up with many of the same stalls we had visited a few weeks ago in Llanca......jewellery, aromatherapy, clothing, cheeses and sausages. We browsed our way to our favourite coffee place overlooking the beach and square, which is the best spot for people watching. It is always fun to try and figure out if the passers by are locals or tourists.

Since the tourist information office was busy we decided to go for a walk along the front. By now it had become incredibly windy. We watched boats bobbing around on their mooring buoys.  Since Cadaques is a really popular spot there were lots of boats moored well out into the bay. In fact it really resembled a boat parking lot. We watched one boater manoeuvre his way to a buoy, getting really tossed around in the wind and narrowly escaping hitting another boat. Once tied up the boaters wait for a zodiac to pick them up and take them into shore. It all looks quite complicated.

We decided to have lunch at Compartir, or in English, 'Shares', the new restaurant with the chefs from El Bulli. It really is a lovely spot. First of all they bring a small glass of their special sangria and a delicious shrimp and seaweed cracker. We started with the traditional bread with tomato rubbed into it. Then it was marinated sardines with orange pieces topped with a little basil and a green olive sauce. All these tastes were perfect together and very delicate. Next were shrimp and asparagus in the lightest tempura batter. For our main course we enjoyed Sea Bass cooked with pieces of seaweed and mushrooms. Again perfect and I loved the taste of the dark seaweed. Finally, we shared a warm hazelnut dessert that melted in our mouths. An espresso completed the perfect meal.

Going to restaurants that prepare food that you wouldn't or perhaps couldn't prepare at home is really a treat. Compartir has only been open for a couple of months and by the time we left there wasn't a free table inside or out. We never did find out about the jazz festival, leaving that for another time.

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