Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sun, sand, swimming and people watching

The hot summer days have taken away some of our enthusiasm for exploring. Temperatures are in the high twenties and there are a lot more people every where you go. However, we did go to the Llanca market by the port this morning to stock up on fruit and veg. There are more stalls than in El Port de la Selva, and there is more variety. It makes for enjoyable shopping without being lost in the crush. One of the fruit vendors was offering samples of lovely melon and really sweet pineapples. Seamus got a sample of a deliciously ripe black fig before buying four for one Euro. One stall had lovely artisanal breads and pizza with either a sausage on it or anchovies. We bought the sausage one and a multi-grain baguette. There were beautiful sheep, goat and cow cheeses and lots of Serrano hams and sausages.

Later in the day it was back to the beach for a swim. Besides swimming and sunning, the beach provides lots of entertainment people watching. People of every shape and size in almost every state of undress.  When you see elderly ladies in their underpants peeling off on the beach when they get changed,  you know anything goes. As a result I am now wearing my bikini to the beach. It really all has to do with different cultures. It's mainly Spanish, French and Germans at the beach, although one day I spotted a Macy's bag. The American owners were all dressed in their one piece suits.

There are a few kayakers, people on paddle boards and some windsurfers to watch. By late afternoon five sailboats have anchored in the bay just beyond the floats that mark out the swimming area. By six the fishing boats have returned with their catch. All the little white cube vans from local restaurants and shops are lining up to take the fish to their final destination. This is our routine these days. The beach is busiest between five and seven with families arriving to cool off in the sea. So far it's not overly busy and what a pleasant way to spend the afternoon escaping the heat. 

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