Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer routine

Life in the village is very, very busy and crowded. Restaurants are quite full and the rotisserie chicken shop has a hundred lovely smelling chickens cooking every time we pass by. Shopping in the Spar supermarket takes a lot of patience. Since the town is now charging for parking the free parking lot at the other supermarket is always full so it again takes patience just to find parking.

When we have coffee at the Nautica in the morning overlooking the marina, there are a few boats going in and out but most just sit at their berth. I wonder if they ever go out? It is good to see a lot more people working around the marina. Many locals rely on the summer employment that all the visitors provide. By eleven each day the main street is buzzing with Spanish, French, Belgians, Germans and a few Brits.

Friday morning's market continues to grow. If you don't get there early it is almost impossible to even see the produce at the fruit and veggie stalls. Fortunately, one of the vendors spots us as regulars and keeps taking our shopping from us so we can continue gathering up our fruit and veggies.

It hasn't rained for a few weeks and there is no rain in sight. This means that everyone is at the beach every day. With the main holidays in France and Spain in the month of August, it is definitely busier. There is still some room on the beach and lots of room to swim in the well marked off area, which keeps out windsurfers and boats. Strangely enough we were the only people on the raft today, which is in the middle of the swimming area. There are also fewer sailboats anchored beyond the swimming area today but some days last week there were thirty boats.

Our beach is fairly family oriented. Today I had a quiet smile to myself as one little French boy talked about building his "chateau" sand castles for him. Anything goes at the beach. All the women wear bikinis no matter how old and many are topless. Speedos aren't the only swimsuit for men. Oddly enough younger men are wearing long swim suits resembling board shorts just like North American men. Mr. Bean would certainly stand out at this beach if he did his machinations getting dressed under a towel. Here people just peel off when it is time to matter how young, old or how thin or obese.

When all is said and done it is all manageable but not necessarily as pleasant as some of the quieter months. Saturday nights are the worst, disco night. We have two competing discos. I say this because they seem to thrive on taking down or papering over each others advertising. The discos open at eleven and continue until four am., except for this past Saturday night it was six am. Even worse it had a bongo theme. We aren't really close to the discos but noise travels here right to our open windows. At six the bongos stopped and then  the cars and motorbikes revved up. There are few solutions to this problem: wear earplugs; go somewhere else; or stroll down to the disco and see if any old people go. Except for the bongo evening it could provide some entertainment on a Saturday night.

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