Thursday, July 19, 2012

Farewell Andorra, we'll be back!

Another travel day! We left Andorra with definite plans to return and perhaps sample the spa again. The hot days, cool nights, mountain air and beautiful scenery make Andorra a must visit. Our hotel Grau Roig was perfect, great room, good food and a lovely little spa. The deal found on Travelzoo was exceptional. Even the morning wake up calls from the cows' bells and deeply melodious moos were enjoyable.

We retraced our route through the mid Pyrenees twisting and turning on the two lane road with innumerable switchbacks, lots of traffic and slow trucks. Once we were down in the valley after Prades, we made good time and stopped to buy our fruit and veggies from a local stand.

When you cross the border from France to Spain the first town is La Jonquera, where there are lots of supermarkets for shoppers from both sides of the border. It is also a big stopping point for trucks travelling between the two countries. La Jonquera is also famous for its prostitutes, who line the roadways and roundabouts. Usually, they are everywhere, but we noticed, as on the way to Andorra, they are all gone. Prostitution is legal in Spain but not on the roadways. The police have cracked down with 30,000 euro fine for the prostitute and the john. They've totally disappeared!

Once back in the Port it was down to the beach to cool off from the thirty-six degree celsius heat. Since last week, the beach is much, much busier with people from all over but mainly Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and some from the UK. Thankfully, it is not too busy to swim as long as you go out beyond the waders.

We have totally adopted the Spanish lifestyle of eating lunch at two and dinner at nine.  Tonight it is homemade gazpacho with the veggies from the fruit stand.

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