Friday, June 29, 2012

Young storks almost ready to fly

Another trip to Empuriabrava today to do some shopping. The drive was much different again with the vines now quite large, hay being rolled up and  fields of giant sunflowers all facing in the same direction smiling at the sun. A herd of goats was moving about in one field of grass almost as tall as they were. Lots of munching here.

After our shopping it was time for lunch at Sobres, a brand new restaurant opened by the owners of the Blue Sky cafe. When you pick the menu of the day, you can eat a three course meal for a very reasonable price. I started out with endive with roquefort foam and walnuts. It was delicious. Next was the grilled sea bass in a sauce with a perfectly grilled whole onion. Tart lemon sorbet finished off a delicious meal.

Next stop was the beautiful seventy-metre-wide sandy Empuriabrava beach. We had taken our swimming gear with us but it was extremely windy with the sand blowing everywhere so we decided to save this beach for another time.

Now it was time to visit the nearby Aiguamolls nature reserve to see the progress of the baby storks. Since it was very hot we immediately followed the path to the stork nests. And there they were, nests with two, three and four baby storks looking like smaller versions of their parents. How they had grown. One of the funniest things was watching the largest baby in a nest vigorously flapping his wings and jumping up in the air over and over and over again and then awkwardly clambering around the top of the nest with complete disregard for his siblings. There were three of these nest jumpers but no baby storks actually flying. Many of the younger storks stood up in their nests watching what was going on with their beaks open to help them cool off. Instead of following our usual eight kilometre jaunt we returned to the first blind in the park, very thankful for the cool air blowing through it. In the once lively pond we saw only a few ducks swimming around. One had a unique swimming position with its tail right up in the air swimming upside down for a couple of metres. The grasses around the pond are growing higher and higher and the pond itself is beginning to recede. What will it be like by the end of summer? We will be back soon to see the baby storks take flight.

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