Saturday, June 16, 2012

'Tramuntanart' display

Friday is market day in El Port de la Selva. The summer market has more than just fruits and veggies. The stalls now snake along the promenade selling purses, bathing suits, jewellery, clothing for the entire family and genuine Barcelona football club shirts and scarves. Tour busses drop people off for a visit to the port each day. It makes for a lovely mix of Spanish, French, German, Dutch and English people wandering the Port without making it too busy.

After marketing we walked along the wooden promenade by the marina admiring the 'Tramuntanart' displays. There were sculptures of glass, copper and an odd assortment of junk. One display was sheets with pockets filled with dried lavender and rosemary on a washing line. All of the art represents the tramuntana, the strong wind that comes down from the Pyrenees. There are over eighty installations with people from all over the world involved in the display.

Once past the displays, a very wet golden retriever definitely wanted me to throw something in the water for him. There are no sticks so I threw a rock for him. When we came back from coffee there he was sitting on the sidewalk with the same rock that I had thrown. He had found it and carried it up the steps. Needless to say I threw it for him again. In he went and retrieved it. What a clever dog!

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