Friday, June 8, 2012

Old stories are the best ones

After having a good visit with Nino, aged 91, and his wife Iride, with our friends translating, we decided to go to Vecchio Fattoria for pizza. While it was cooking we thought it would be fun to walk up the road to visit Simone to wish him a buon compleano, happy birthday. We asked him if he and his family would like pizza and he did. It was a quick walk back to the restaurant for four more pizzas. Pizza, wine and lots of freshly picked arugula and lettuce from their garden made for a tasty, relaxed dinner. Their dog Nubia was very entertaining with many longing looks, while we were eating. Once again lots of laughing with our meal and stories of Ceriana going back many years. We took our leave early since Simone had been up since shortly after three in the morning to take his son and cousin to Nice airport for an early flight.

Someone should write down the oral history and stories of Ceriana. It would be fascinating....stories about Tony Fullpockets, a really cheap man. And Gambolles, about looking for porcini mushrooms in the dark and coming on something that turned out to be some other unhappy porcini hunter's wellington boots, and the Mousse Dora, which is quite naughty and can't be translated here. It seems everyone in town has a nickname. My friend Lynn and I think our nicknames may have something to do with piave cheese. We were instructed by her sister-in-law and my friend Penny to go and buy some in the town. We went to three stores and asked for piave. "Cheese?" they asked looking at each other and us as if we were mad. We even spelled it. They didn't know what it was.  Needless to say we returned home without piave. It turns out this is not a cheese to be found in the village or even very much in Liguria. We could be known as the piave twins.

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