Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby storks thriving in Aiguamolls

After a two week absence it was time to visit the Aiguamolls nature reserve. Entering the first blind everything was very quiet. Some mallards shared a log with a big turtle and a few more mallards were swimming in the distance. What a change from a month ago.

The path that led to the storks was covered in a canopy of trees, and a  wonderful smell came from the wild, white roses climbing over the bushes. Our first stop was to watch the storks on the roof of the cowshed. The fledgling storks had grown a lot since our last visit. Many were standing in their nests  taking on the appearance of their parents. The more mature were standing flapping their wings in their nests. We were pleased to see that the four chicks in one nest were looking healthy and thriving even though they are a little more immature than most of the other storks.

Even though we could hear the cuckoos and nightingales singing, it is difficult to spot the songbirds in the dense vegetation.  The river that runs through the reserve was almost completely covered with three-metre-tall reeds. At the next blind we watched the coot parents with two of their offspring,  sadly three less than last time.

Finally, it was the Camarague ponies. There were some very dark, new foals in the distance. It was lovely to watch one of them gambolling about. A few of the ponies came up to the fence waiting for grass that I picked for them. This was quite funny as they were in a field with very tall grass. I suppose it's a case of the grass is always greener.

By now the sky was becoming very black so instead of continuing our walk to the beach we headed back to the car just as a few drops of rain fell. We're really looking forward to coming back in a few weeks to see the baby storks fly.

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