Thursday, June 7, 2012


Once again our day started at Pellegrine's for our morning cappuccino. This time we were joined by one of our Italian friends on her day off. Once again it was people watching time. All the old men sit on the benches or stand around the square for their morning chats while the ladies shop along the street. After coffee we visited the new library, currently being set up, to donate some English books. Much, if not all, of the new library is going to be run by volunteers.

We then drove down the mountain, past the now defunct greenhouses, some just shells, to the main road along the seafront. It is quite beautiful with palm trees, vibrant hot pink and purple bougainvillea, pink and coral ivy geraniums cascading down walls and lovely purple jacaranda trees blooming. Colour is everywhere. We wound our way along the coast for about an hour to Alassio, a seaside town with a stretch of sandy beach. With the cloud cover it was quiet today; however there were deck chairs for rent set up as far as the eye could see with maybe twenty centimetres between each. What must this be like in the summer?

Just behind the long stretch of beach is an equally long pedestrian shopping area with every kind of store imaginable. I love all the Italian fashion even the shoes, which are very extreme at the moment, stiletto heels six inches high. Who can walk in these? It does explain why we have seen some young girls on crutches.

Back in San Remo we had a wander around the high end shops but without doing anything to help the Italian economy this time. A quick refreshing coffee with our friends and it was time for the climb back to Ceriana. Dinner consisted of delicious freshly made minestrone followed by bresaola. This is very thinly sliced salted top round meat, aged three months, which comes from the Alps of the Lombardy region, and can be seasoned with juniper berries, nutmeg and cinnamon. It is drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice before serving. This with avocado and cheese completed our eating for today. We did learn how to prepare an avocado. You may know this but we didn't. You cut it in two and place a pick or knife in the stone and remove it. Then you slice across the avocado. Now you can take the avocado out to eat it with a spoon. You never peel the avocado. This is today's useful tip from Italy.

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