Sunday, May 27, 2012

A week of noisy fun for kids

Sonar has arrived in El Port de la Selva. It has been a week of activities for children aged 0-14. Last night there was a dance at the gym with a band that could best be described from a distance as "leaden garage band". Dances start around 11 and go on until 4 am.

Sonar involves a variety of artistic activities for the kids, but it is mainly very loud bands and kids acting as DJ's. All of this can be heard for many kilometres. Although it isn't our cup of tea, it has been a huge draw to the village, with all the parking lots full to capacity, and all the restaurants promoting their children's menus. This morning we watched a band sing and entertain very young children, who sat quite enthralled. Today's events are coming to a close. Tomorrow's entertainment includes Catalan folk songs sung to  reggae and ska music -- it will be different!

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